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How to get your access token.

The API is secured with OAuth2.0. To access the API, the developer must have a token. This means that he must be able to retrieve an access token. In order to retrieve an access token, the developer must first be registered on the authorization server.


This request must be made in advance to Mrs. Filoretta Velica at the following address


The following preconditions will be required for any registration with Abrumet:

  • An application
  • A self-signed security certificate
  • Installation of Brusafe + public safety certificates
  • GlobalSign Root CA - Link



The following information should appear in the mail:


  • The name of your application
  • The url of your application
  • The access request document complete
  • The type of application
    • Mobile of Application


An email of approval will be sent to you a few days after your request.